The dossal hanging behind the altar is a mosaic made of furnishing fabric and appliqué with machine embroidery, designed and made by Beverley Shore Bennett. There are nearly 5000 pieces in the central panel, which is the artist’s impression of the Transcendent Christ with the hands in a gesture of blessing. The three panels measure approximately 8.8 metres high by 4.5 metres wide.

The side panels include 12 sections which are representative of aspects of our Doctrine of God. Four winged creatures depict the link with the Old Testament as recorded in Ezekiel chapter 1 and later in Revelations chapter 4. These have become identified with the four evangelists:

Matthew - The winged creature with the head of a man

Mark - The head of a lion

Luke - The head of an ox

John - The head of an eagle

A small booklet has been published about the dossal hanging, and is available for purchase from the Cathedral office.