Men’s and women’s breakfasts are held during the year. Our occasional breakfasts often give an opportunity to hear about and support a mission initiative around the world.


Craft Company

Craft company is a group of Cathedral family women who enjoy sharing food, fellowship and faith while working at our craft enthusiasms and skills. We meet monthly on the first Thursday of each month from 6-8pm. We share a meal provided by one or two of us while we knit, crochet and stitch. There’s always lots of chatter and laughter, and it’s a great opportunity to hone your craft skills and learn from some of our skilled stitchers. We enjoy welcoming new members and would love others to join us. For more information please contact Judith Pinny.



The Cathedral is always looking for volunteers to assist in the day to day running and mission of the Cathedral. Volunteer groups include:

  • Catering team
  • City Mission foodbank
  • Flowers
  • Linen guild
  • Sanctuary guild
  • Sidespeople / Welcomers
  • Silver and brass cleaning
  • Weekend greeters

If you are interested in helping with any of these groups please contact the Cathedral administrator, Irene Bignall.