AYM Youth Church

We are excited to introduce to you an exciting new venture for the Anglican Youth Movement (AYM).

AYM Youth Church is starting up on the 7th July 2019 at Wellington Cathedral of St Paul.

Every year we take 400 young people to Eastercamp where they have a phenomenal experience of worship, community, Jesus and large numbers of Anglican young people.This doesn’t happen at other times during the year and our young people are looking for that elsewhere.

So here we are in the Cathedral trying to provide an Anglican space for young people to experience worship, engage with Jesus and other young people.

This is NOT designed to drag people away from parishes but rather provide a complimentary space where we can input into them and then point them back to their primary place of belonging - your church!

To aid this we are looking to provide resources to churches and youth leaders so they can engage them on a Sunday morning through a bible study related to what they heard about the previous Sunday.

We are hopeful that you will bring your young people to this initiative full of energy and passion.

Visit the AYM Youth Church Facebook page to stay up to date with the latest news.

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