Mwangaza Children's Choir to sing at Cathedral

Saturday 19 May, 7pm
Wellington Cathedral of St Paul

Experience the incredible sounds of authentic African worship and move your body to energetic rhythms and dancing. With their vibrant costumes and big smiles, these talented youngsters are sure to light up the stage and your heart, sharing the Gospel of hope through song, dance and inspiring testimonies.

Who is Mwangaza?
The Mwangaza Children’s Choir (pronounced m-wahn-GAH-zah) is an inspiring group of talented children aged 8-12 who are dedicated to sharing the Gospel of hope through song, dance and their testimonies. The choir based in Gaba, Uganda, was established in 2004 as a ministry outreach of Africa Renewal Ministries (ARM). They have extensively toured the USA, Holland and Germany, and are now coming to Australasia in 2018.

Through traditional African worship songs and dance they raise awareness and support for the churches, schools, medical clinics and orphanages ARM establishes throughout Uganda. As Tearfund ambassadors, the choir also promotes our Child Sponsorship Programme. It’s all about shining the light of Jesus throughout Uganda and the world!

What’s in store for you:
A vibrant evening that is colourful and beautiful!
Seeing and hearing children who love to give testimonies, sing, and share life experiences a way for you to reach out internationally without travel!
An incredible outreach opportunity for your church
A high-quality Christian musical event

Experience the incredible sights and sounds of authentic African worship, The Mwangaza Experience—it’s life-changing!

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There is no entry to this event, but a Love offering will be taken to support the work of Tearfund.